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2019 El Paso Annual Convention: More information

How to Make Money From a Press Trip (2-person panel)
With traditional freelancing at one end of the spectrum and paid influencer campaigns at the other, this session will explore the creative ground in between. You’ll get takeaways that will help you turn your next press trip into more than just “one and done.” Takeaways include:

  • How to create revenue streams for your blog or website that make your time away pay for itself
  • How to create revenue streams from social media
  • How to use content marketing to increase your income
  • Tips on how to republish and repurpose your content

TBEX Annual Conference

2019 TBEX Billings, MT


Presenters: Keryn Means (Walking On Media LLC) and Toni Smith (Tempe Tourism)

Relationships are a huge part of our industry that isn’t discussed enough. Relationships, especially for introverts, which there are many in blogging, is a hard concept, but we are in the communications/PR/marketing industry, where connecting with people is quite possibly the most important skill you need to survive.

Relationships with brands get us work, even if it takes a few years for it to come about. Relationships with fellow bloggers get us work with brands in a multitude of ways, whether it be connecting us with the right person, simple introductions, recommendations or hiring us for influencer campaigns. And of course, the brand/influencer relationship all comes back to the ultimate relationship— the one with our audience.

How are you can you build better relationships in our industry to grow your brand that will impact your income and bring better content to your readers? Let’s find out!

2016 TBEX Minneapolis, MN

What Family Travelers Need: How the Industry Can Respond: More information

In any travel niche, travel groups come in all shapes and sizes. Responding to the mix of needs and desires is no small task, but it an increasingly critical one. This session will present a case study of how the industry can and should respond to the family travel demographics. Points of view will include an association, a global tour operator, and a media representative.

Plaid St. (Formerly Type A Parent)

2019 Plaid St. Alexandria, VA

Beginner Blogger Academy/ Speaker Presentations:

  • Eirene Heidelberger: Becoming An Influencer Brands Fight Over
  • Keryn Means: Stop Working For Free… Even When You Travel 
  • Lisa Jean Zmuda: Find and market to the 200 people who will earn you 200K
  • Carrie Anton: Pump Up Your Profits by Pitching One Idea to Multiple Places


2019 Niche topic: family travel

  • Nicole Wears, TheTravelingCanucks.com
  • Keryn Means, WalkingOnTravels.com
  • Heather Greenwood Davis, Globetrotting.com

Family Travel Association

2018 FTA Summit: Bermuda

Best Practices: Using Social Media & Editorial to Generate Leads (Workshop): SLIDES HERE

Amie O’Shaughnessy, Founder & CEO, Ciao Bambino
Keryn Means, Co-Founder, Twist Travel Magazine 

TMS Family

2016 TMS Family: Amelia Island, FL

The Value of Influencers in the Travel Market (Panel)

  • Keryn Means, WalkingOnTravels.com
  • Jade Broadus, TravelMindset.com

Influencer marketing isn’t just blog posts and freebies, it is a business model that gets you paid for the exposure and marketing messages you provide to your audience. We’ll tell you how to get started by saying “no” first. 

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