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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Twitter loves travel, style, tech and health, so we have combined all four to create the perfect Twitter chat for readers who love to hop on a plane, stay in shape, look good as they explore, and stay healthy on the road. Instead of highlighting only a destination, or leaving products to be featured back home through social media, we aim to blend the two. Readers will now hear about products being used in the way they were meant to and in the places they truly want to use them.

Meet the Influencers

  • Keryn Means,
  • Plus two other vetted influencers that fit your target market
  • Two Professionally written web articles on

Keryn’s experience in project management and travel influencer marketing campaigns, combined with Andrea’s long history of matching brands with the best campaigns to reach the stylish moms at SavvySassy, makes this a team that knows how to throw a good Twitter chat, where participants have fun and a brand will get noticed. We’ve been in the industry a long time, and we know the right influencers to partner with on a Twitter chat so you reach your target audience.

What You Get

  • Keryn plus two other influencer from a vetted group of travel and lifestyle influencers
  • Four branded Tweets promoting your product, brand, destination or services
  • Project management
  • Final approval on influencers selected for the destination campaign
  • Pre-chat promotion
  • One blog post on Walking On Travels announcing the chat
  • Optional live Twitter chat on location
  • Hashtracking report

Join the Chat

Travelers can’t go anywhere without a destination and a few key items in their bag. We are looking to partner with destinations, accommodations, activities and companies that would naturally go on a person’s next trip, which might include:  

  • Vacation rentals, hotels and booking sites
  • Tourism boards, CVBs and DMOs
  • Airlines
  • Car Rental Agencies and car companies
  • Apps
  • Tech Gear
  • Camera gear
  • Apparel, accessories and footwear
  • Makeup and skincare
  • Roadside assistance and emergency kits
  • Health and first aid products
  • Cell phones and phone accessories
  • Seasonal gear (skis, snowboards, paddle boards, etc.)



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