Perfect Home Office Set Up Ideas When You Work at Home

We are all working from home more these days, even if we have an outside office to go to during the week. Bringing work home, starting personal projects or a new business at home is becoming the norm. When innovation happens, so does the need for a few home office set up ideas to make your life just a little bit easier.

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I’ve been building my perfect home office for a few years, grabbing ideas from Pinterest, friends offices and products I just love. Art surrounds me, so even in Zoom calls I have a great background to show off. Plants burst in front of my window (I have a sick obsession with trying to get my orchids to bloom again. So far I’m at about a 15 percent success rate with six of them.) and my shelves are stocked with file folders, markers, pens and random supplies my kids keep stealing.

Most important is my desk, chair and everything that makes me function when I plug in at home. Ready to set up your home office so you are more productive? Here’s what my set up looks like.

Best Stand Up Workstation

My husband and I had been dreaming about adjustable stand up desks for some time. I hate sitting all day, and think best when I can move around. My husband is hunched over his desk all day at work, which means he doesn’t want to do the same when he is at home. He also needed a much longer desk (60 inches) to hold his three monitors (yes, he is that guy).

Home Office Set Up Ideas

I, on the other hand, wanted a two-tier, stand-up computer desk so my monitor could be up higher, but still have space to hold my laptop, which hooks into my mega monitor. It’s the little things that make life more organized and it easier to work from home.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Stand Up Desk Chair

I can’t stand up ALL of the time, but I didn’t want to crank my desk up and down either. I grabbed am ergonomic drafting desk chair for when my legs need a break. It has an adjustable foot ring to rest my feet on, plus flip up arms… for one day when I don’t want to relax my elbows.

There are several different drafting desk chair styles you can grab, but this one gave my back the best support where I needed it. I also didn’t need a head rest, which was an option too.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Standing pad for standing workstation

While we all know you need to stand when you have a stand-up desk, having your feet on the hard ground isn’t so great for your back. Or your feet for that matter.

I picked up a standing desk, anti-fatigue mat with stretch points in the front and back, as well as an acupressure rolling ball for my feet. My husband has tried to steal it for his home office several times, so I finally ordered him one too.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Balance board for ergonomic standing desk

I recently added “The Level” FluidStance board to my home office. I’d wanted a balance board for some time, but couldn’t find the right one for me. I love the FluidStance because you can actually increase the balance difficulty by popping on a “Challenge Cap.” The wooden material, which comes in many different finishes, is also stylish and matches my stand up desk perfectly.

Made from 90% recycled material, the FluidStance is a product I could feel good about as well. Plus, they make FluidStance “The Grade” balance boards for kids. Naturally, my boys are begging me for one each.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Mini Stair Stepper for tall desk

While it is next to impossible to type and step at the same time (trust me, I’ve tried), you can take a break and get a few steps in while at your desk. This mini stair stepper was a random buy when I first got my desk. I thought I’d use it all of the time. The kids probably use it more than me, but on rainy days, I do a few 5-minute sessions of stepping at a time to get my legs moving. I’m thinking a desk cycle might be next though.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Blue light blocking glasses

I’m on a screen a lot, which isn’t great for my eyes. I added a blue light blocking coating to my prescription glasses last time I got a new pair. For the family, I ordered one pair of blue light glasses for men and two pairs of kids blue light glasses. We are all on screens more and more. School, work, even reading has us on screens these days.

What do blue light glasses do? They block blue waves from your screen, causing a bit less eye strain, especially if you are on the computer and tablet for long periods of time. There are conflicting reports on how well they work, but my husband and I have experienced a lot less eye strain and headaches since using them.

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Home Office Set Up Ideas

Amazon Echo Show

Ok, it’s weird, but I have an Amazon Echo Show in my office. For one, I can listen to music and grab the weather without having to type at all. I also like to have movies or shows running in the background when I edit photos. Even better, it’s hooked up to our Waze cameras, so I can check the front door or yell at the kids in the basement without ever leaving my office.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Laptop for on the go

My MacBook Air is my lifeline to my business and the world. It fits in most of my purses, I can run all of the Adobe and Microsoft software I use on it, and get work done from anywhere in the world.

Whenever I get a new Macbook, I do order the one with the largest processor and RAM upgrade. My laptop needs to be powerful, yet light, which the newer MacBook Air certainly provides.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Large Monitor for Dual Screen Set Up

When I was doing more video work from home, my husband bought me a widescreen monitor to hook up to my little MacBook Air. I thought he was a bit crazy. I didn’t need something that big.

Well, fast forward a couple years and I love my monitor. I can work on three things at once—two screens open on my monitor and one on my laptop, making it easy to research, pull files and find music all at the same time. My husband wants to steal my monitor. I told him that is fine, as long as he orders me the newer model. Ha!

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

As I sit at my computer more, I’ve developed carpel tunnel issues. It’s hard to wear a brace when you want to type, which is why a vertical mouse is handy. This mouse was recommended by a friend who also struggles with wrist issues, and has changed her world. It’s a much more natural way to use your hand without over extending your pointer finger. While this one doesn’t travel well for me (too big), it is great to have at home.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

External Hard drive

I have several desktop external hard drives at home to store photos, video, designs, website back ups and articles. There is nothing in my life that is only backed up in one spot. I’m currently building up a hard drive to leave at my parents’ house, just so all is not lost if something happens at home.

When you work mostly online or remotely, backups are key. I’ve had too many friends loose photos and videos because they thought they had backed it up, or even worse, a hard drive gets corrupt and they can’t access anything. This has also happened to me, but thankfully, I always back up my little portable drives too.

Home Office Set Up Ideas

Portable Hard drive

Whenever I travel, I have an external portable hard drive with me. Every year I grab a new one to start fresh. This way, I don’t have to over extend my little laptop’s built in hard drive with big photo and video files, but I can still access everything I need from the road. Once I get home, I back up what I added to my portable hard drive, onto a desktop external drive.

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